We are proud to announce Pole Art South Africa 2019, the fourth annual event. All Pole artists from South Africa are invited to perform in this competitive event. Pole Art South Africa is a celebration of original and expressive pole performance, as well as the relationship between the artistic and technical side of pole.

Pole Art Gauteng

Key Dates for Pole Art Gauteng


3 April 2019

Pole Art Johannesburg Entries Open

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9 June 2019

Entries Close

16 June 2019

Finalist Announcement

1 July 2019

Ticket sales open

19 July 2019

Music Deadline

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20 July 2019

Schedule to Competitors

3 August 2019

Pole Art SA finals take place in Johannesburg

Competition Guidelines and Information


Competitors should choose the division that is most applicable to them

Entry Details

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Details on competitor’s music for the final competition

Costume and Aids

Details about your Costume, Grip Aids and Grip Enhancers

Scorecards and Judging

Competitors awarded points per section.

Staging and Pole Types

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Rights of the Organisers

Rights of the Organisers

Rules and Regulations

Competitor’s rules and regulations